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Serving Sault Ste Marie for all of its residential and commercial renovation needs.  No job is too big or too small.


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The Sault Ste Marie renovation evolution

See some of our expert services below.  We are determined to breath new life into the Soo.  Don’t wait until your makeover becomes a restoration, contact us today!


Energy Retrofits

Keep heat in your house where it belongs! Prior to insulation installations we inspect and evaluate areas for drafts, leakages, inefficiencies and thermal bridging; from doors and windows to bulkheads; providing our clients with the best options and recommendations to increase home comfort and to save money on heating and cooling costs.  Learn More

Replace and Improve Insulation

We specialize in insulation replacement and improvements. Increasing overall R value and eliminating thermal bridging (a common cause of heat loss). We can address thermal bridging by installing specific insulation systems designed to prevent it and we can also modify studding to accommodate higher amounts of fiberglass and rock-wool batt insulation. Most importantly we can help you choose the best system for your specific application and budget. Learn More

Ice Damming and Buildup

Long icicles on the edges of roofs are a good indication of major heat loss causing ice buildup and ice damming, leaving your upper floor to be cold in the winter and uncomfortably hot and humid in the summer.   Learn More

drywall installation and repair

Drywall Installation and Finishing

Offering superior commercial and residential drywall installations in the Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma area. We provide a meticulously completed and flawless finish on all our projects. Ask about our Level 5 finish! More Details

Specialty Drywall and Plaster Finishes

We also do an array of artistic and complicated drywall installations. repairs and finishes, using a variety of seam tapes and specialty compounds and plasters. More Details

Plaster Repairs

Have an old plaster wall that needs repairing? We can fix that! We are Sault Ste. Marie’s professionals in repairing and finishing drywall as well as plastered interior surfaces. More Details

Venetian/ Lime plaster

An ancient technique in the application of lime plaster creating a rock hard and durable finish. Available in textured and high gloss finishes that gives the appearance of depth and texture mimicking the look of marble. Ask us about this new service today! More Details


Complete Residential and Commercial Painting Services

Offering quality commercial and residential painting services in Sault Ste Marie and Algoma Area. From prep, repairs, prime to paint! Ask us about our perfect walls repainting package! We repair any and all flaws, damages and poor drywall work prior to repainting, attaining a perfect finish every time! More Details

Fine Finish Spraying

Offering Fine Finish spray painting services! Whether refinishing cabinets, detailed trim work or newly installed doors; using fine finish spray painting techniques will give you the ultimate finish. More Details

Wood Refinishing

We love working with wood! Call Sault Ste Marie’s painting professionals when unsure how to preserve, protect and to bring out the natural beauty of the wood in and around your home or office! More Details

Exterior Painting

Painting is our specialty and we offer this service to all interior and exterior projects. If you have a house, deck or fence that has lost its curb appeal give us a call to bring it back to life. More Details

Flooring, Windows, Doors and Trim

Windows Doors and Trim

We provide door and window installations with energy efficiency in mind. Ensuring proper seals and fitment are selected and ensuring an air tight installation to keep the warm in and the cold out. In addition we install all types of baseboard, trim and crown molding.  More Details


Offering a variety of Hardwood Floor Installations in the Sault Ste Marie and Area! Also providing hardwood floor repair and refinishing brining life back into natural wooden floors to make them look new. More Details


Offering superior tile installations in the Sault Ste Marie and Area. From sub-floor to trim, we use a variety of tiles, patterns and mosaics to fit your style. More Details

Vinyl Flooring

We install vinyl flooring perfect for basement and kitchen and bathroom applications and laminate plank flooring to fit every budget but still delivering beautiful results. More Details

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