Providing Sault Ste Marie with a variety of insulation materials and installations systems, including knee wall and vaulted ceiling applications. We do it the right way

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We use high quality materials and the latest techniques to keep your home both warm and energy efficient. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Energy Retrofits

Keep heat in your house where it belongs! Prior to insulation installations we inspect and evaluate areas for drafts, leakages, inefficiencies and thermal bridging; from doors and windows to bulkheads; providing our clients with the best options and recommendations to increase home comfort and to save money on heating and cooling costs.

Peace of Mind

We provide our customers with professional installations that stand the test of time; we ensure every install stays dry and does the job its supposed to by assessing every project for moisture, air leakage, inefficiencies. and any other aspect that could compromise insulation installation down the road. We warranty all our services and products used for one year ensuring our techniques are keeping your home comfortable.

Replace and Improve Insulation

We specialize in insulation replacement and improvements. Increasing overall R value and eliminating thermal bridging (a common cause of heat loss). We can address thermal bridging by installing specific insulation systems designed to prevent it and we can also modify studding to accommodate higher amounts of fiberglass and rock-wool batt insulation. Most importantly we can help you choose the best system for your specific application and budget.

Ice Damming and Buildup

Long icicles on the edges of roofs are a good indication of major heat loss causing ice buildup and ice damming, leaving your upper floor to be cold in the winter and uncomfortably hot and humid in the summer.
Roof damage and water infiltration causing structural damage and mold growth is the result of ice damming. We specialize in eliminating ice damming by locating and repairing heat loss sources, improving insulation and repairing insulation ventilation systems.

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Energy Efficiency For Ontario Housing

Meeting the Ontario building standards for energy efficiency is more difficult than most DIY weekend warriors realize.  Your home deserves to be above standard.   The professionals at Superior’s Interior Renovations are up-to-date and knowledgeable in the latest building codes and standards.

MMA Supplementary Standard SB-12

In July of 2016 the Ontario government updated a clause of the Building Code Act of 1992, setting a new standard for energy efficiency.  We follow the recommended insulation installation techniques and material usage.  Read the standard here.


We work with our Sault Ste. Marie area clients and local suppliers in planning, preparing and implementing your renovation project. Let us help you turn your vision into a reality! Starting with a no obligation assessment we can help by recommending systems and installations that best suit your needs and your budget. Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom or total house renovation; we can help you with every step so that the project goes smooth and provides the results that are expected.

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